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Questions You May Have In Your Mind.

The following are the basic rules and guidelines for the Indie Line Film Festival. What is written here may answer some of the questions that are bothering you. You are kindly requested to read here before film applications.

  • Is it possible to submit to this festival with short films from any genre?
    Yes, definitely. We also opened categories according to the genre of short films. You can take a look from awards section. You can enter either directly from the "best short film" category or from categories such as action, drama, thriller etc. If you want, you can choose the category you want at the same time. There is no limit. It's entirely up to you. We only ask that it not exceed 20 minutes.
  • Where can we submit for the festival?
    We can only accept short film applications submitted through FilmFreeway.
  • Does it matter what year the short films were made?
    We accept short films made after 2020. Unfortunately, we cannot accept the period before 2020.
  • How many short films can I submit to this festival?
    We do not accept more than two. We believe that otherwise there will be unfair competition.
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