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Get to Know Us

ILFF is a 2-day art event and short film festival. At the same time, producers and directors from the industry will be invited and interviews will be held.

We, the Indie Line Film Festival, are quite young, excited and new here. Our mission and goal is to give filmmakers of all ages around the world the opportunity to express their art forms, to experience the power of cinema together. We believe that the power of movies comes heart and hard work. If you believe in your films, and most importantly, if you believe in yourself, you have the chance and opportunity to promote your films to many people, receive nominations, and of course, receive awards.

Welcome to ILFF!


Submission for upcoming edition open. Filmmakers can submit Short, Feature Films (Fiction/Non Fiction), Music video, Web Shows.

Statement from Festival Directors

Independent filmmakers work hard to publish their films on platforms, send them to festivals and deliver them to audiences around the world. We know this and we organize this festival with respect to the efforts given. Because making short films and going through those processes is always very difficult. We hope to see you and your beautiful films at the Indie Line Film Festival.

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